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Hello and Welcome, - Richiere - 07-10-2018

Hi, nice to see you, here's just a short intro to the new site.
Not so fancy site as the previouse one but a clear, simple and fast site.

The old site was getting slower and slower so i decided to go for a more fast site/forum with the same information.
Not all tracklists and downloads are online yet, but if you want a set just leave a reply on it and ill add it as soon as possible.

But you have to register again, sorry  Blush

I didn't want Facebook to get involved anymore so i removed the Facebook login.
Just take a minute to register and have all the options available on the site.
Go to USER CP (controle panel) to set some options. 

Hope you can used to it, so just click and play around.

You can view the old site here if you want.
Later the old site will set to read only.

If you have questions or found errors just let me know.

Enjoy!  Music1