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Vocal Vibes 26

15.AUGUST.2014Richiere - Vocal Vibes 26-250

I have some good and some bad news, the bad news is that i can't move my arm for 50% and can't close my hand anymore for a few weeks now.
Yesterday i went to the hospital and they make pictures and a echo from my neck, shoulder, arm and hand.
And the conclusion is that i have a Frozen Shoulder and have to rest probebly for a long time :(
So expect not so much updates from me till it gets better, sorry.

The good news is that i put the show together as good and bad as it goes and
i hope you wil like this episode of Vocal Vibes. 
I wil not be online today for the tracklist but wil post it on the forum after the show!

Starting at 2PM EST | 7 PM UK | 20:00 CET


Don't miss the premiere ;-)

Tracklist after the show here:

Details and Download later HERE

.Richiere >>> >>>

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