Richiere – Vocal Vibes 54 (2016 Special)

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    When: 11th January, 2PM – 5PM EST | 7PM – 10PM UK | 20:00 – 23:00 CET

    A special selection of tracks in this year, along with some listener suggestions and my personal favorites!

    More info here:

    Tracklist update here automatic every 30 min. during the show!

    You can post your comments below…

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    All set and done for the special, beginning with a chill start :music:
    Some tracks also played in the DI Vocal Trance EOYS and also could not let it to play a few new releases :dance:

    Enjoy :drink:

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    First Update:

    01. The Thrillseekers & Stine Grove – How Will I Know
    02. Rank 1, Armin Van Buuren, Kush – This World Is Watching Me (Solid Stone Extended Remix)
    03. Raz Nitzan, Jess Morgan – Not Like Everyone (Aurosonic Remix)
    04. Aurosonic & Denis Karpinskiy & Kate Louise Smith – They Wait For Us (Director’s Cut)
    05. Thorisson & Molly Bancroft – The One For Me (Spark7 Remix)
    06. Sergey Shabanov & Julie Scott – I Surrender To You (Original Mix)
    07. Costa & Cynthia Hall – This World Within You (Original Mix)

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    08. Stoneface & Terminal & Neev Kennedy – Lost (Original Mix)
    09. Sied Van Riel, Jennifer Rene – The Reason (Original Mix)
    10. Stargazers & Fridolijn – Soul From Harm (Original Mix)
    11. Solarstone & Marcella Woods – Falling (Peter Steele Mantra Mix)
    12. Mark Sherry & Dark Fusion feat. Jan Johnston – Deja Vu (Outburst Vocal Mix)

    Second hour:


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    13. Mart Sine feat. Lynsey Shaw – Another Day (Original Mix) (Feat. Lynsey Shaw)
    14. Stoneface & Terminal, Ana Criado – My Heart Won’t Tell You No (Original Mix)
    15. Ronski Speed – A Sign (Chris Metcalfe Remix)
    16. Daniel Skyver – Teardrop Eyes (Original Mix) (feat. Cari)
    17. Denis Kenzo & Sarah Lynn – Ashes (Cold Rush Remix)

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    18. Kayat feat. Clare Stagg – The Calling (Mark W Remix)
    19. Frainbreeze & Lucid Blue – Light My Way (Sunset Pres. Symsonic Remix)
    20. Lucid Blue – Eyes Wide Open (Saad Ayub Remix)
    21. Suncatcher & Sarah Lynn – Sweet Submission (Original Mix)
    22. The Thrillseekers – Halcyon 2016 (Extended Mix)

    No vocals in this one but what an amazing 2016 rework from the original, Chicane – Halcyon from 2000!

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    23. Saad Ayub & Jennifer Rene – Move On (Extended Mix)
    24. Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath – Dare To Dream (Nomosk Remix)
    25. Radion6 & Neev Kennedy – Nothing Here But Goodbye (Matt Bukovski Remix)
    26. Factor B – Endless (Original Mix)
    27. Ronny K feat. Claire Willis – I’ll Never Know (Original Mix)

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    28. Fischer – On The Run (Nab Brothers Remix)
    29. Matt Bukovski & Katty Heath – Hold Back The Storm (Myde Remix)
    30. Nitrous Oxide & Katty Heath – Neverending Dawn Of You (Cold Rush Remix)
    31. Cathy Burton, Amir Hussain – Loving You Just The Same (Original Mix)

    Last track playing, hope you enjoyed the Special and up to next month with new releases.

    Bye for now,

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    Gave this a listen today and really enjoyed it, great job! Surprised to see others not dropping in..happy new year!

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      Hey thanks and also a happy new year!
      More and more listen on demand these days, not like the old days anymore when we are on the forums.
      But also a like is appreciated :good:

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    Hello Richiere,

    Totally love your show and I love your website, where you can find the tracklists and you can download the sets in 320kbp/s many many DJs should take you as an example of how you should help your fans.

    And I just found out that you’re dutch, I’m too!

    Keep up the good work and I really love that you have a website like this it’s awesome! Don’t ever stop with your show and your website! :music:

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    Hey Jan,

    Welkom en bedankt voor je berichtje and yes i’m dutch :good:
    It cost some time to keep the webside and the downloads up and running but i like
    a little interaction with the fans and share my love for Real Trance music.
    And as long as i can i will continue with my show and make some other mixes from time to time.

    Enjoy the music,

    Groeten Rich.


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