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    When: Wednesday, July 12 2017 @ 2PM EST | 7PM UK | 20:00 CET.
    Tune in:

    Tracklist update here every 30 min. during the show.

    Download and more info here:

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    Sorry to disappoint you guys but no new Vocal Vibes this month.

    Till next month…

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    dear sir pls upload itune podcast :good:

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    Back from a few weeks away and i have emails waiting so answers are a bit late ;-)
    And as you can read at the coundown timer Vocal Vibes 58 will come this Wednesday :good:

    Have a lot to listen to the tracks they send me but it will be a trancy episode i believe :dance:

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    Can’t wait. 57 was killer! Beautiful tracks.. Listening right now on DI! :dance4:

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      A few days to go :good:

      Yes thats is a nice replay :dance: B-)

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    Here we go first update:

    01. Andrew & White feat. Natune – Our Way (Original Mix)
    02. Bryan Kearney & Plumb – All Over Again (Extended Mix)
    03. Miss Bo feat. Angel Falls – Stay (Extended Mix)
    04. Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Kyler England – Firefly (Onair Extended Mix)
    05. Solarstone & Meredith Call – I Found You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
    06. Aley & Oshay feat. Angel Falls – Coming Back To Live (Extended Mix)

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    07. Stine Grove – Against The Flow (Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Extended Re Lift)
    08. Andres Sanchez & Amber Traill – Point Of Rescue (Vocal Extended)
    09. Dustin Husain – Spectra (Original Mix)
    10. Myk Bee – Extraterrestrial (Extended Mix)
    11. Saad Ayub & Sylvia Tosun – Welcome To The World (Original Mix)

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    12. Dj Th feat. Robin Vane – Be My Hero (Extended Mix)
    13. Alan Morris & Ellie Lawson – Find Myself In Losing You (Original Mix)
    14. Ultrablue & Derek Aether & Tiff Lacey – Fire In My Heart (Original Mix)
    15. Maratone feat. Claire Willis – All It Takes (Extended Mix)
    16. Kaimo K & Sarah Russell – Be My Guide (Original Mix)

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    And the last one, hope you enjoyed this episode, till next month!

    17. Ana Criado – Still There’s You (A.R.D.I. Remix)
    18. Rene Ablaze feat. Aylin – Break Away (Extended Mix)
    19. Dreamseekers feat. Kim Kiona – Bringer Of Light (Original Mix)
    20. Adam Ellis & Fenna Day – What Makes Your Heart Beat (Club Mix)

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    Tuned in as always appreciate your mixes I look forward to them every month. Also thanks for the ID’s you provide.

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      Hey Mex thanks and no problem :good:

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