Richiere – Vocal Vibes 59

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    When: Wednesday, August 9 2017 @ 2PM EST | 7PM UK | 20:00 CET.
    Tune in:

    Tracklist update here every 30 min. during the show.

    Download and more info here:

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    Enjoy this episode of Vocals and Vibes :dance:

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    Tuned in live for the first time in a far so good! :dance:

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    Hey Rich thanks for the work I still listen to every episode.

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      Thats nice to hear, as long as i get a little support from listeners i realy like to share my love for Real Trance Music :dance2:

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        Yeah for sure. I also appreciate the ID’s you provide me from Pedro’s non IDed tracklists :)

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          Haha yes, mostly i will recognize them :good:

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    Speaking of TL..? :yahoo:

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    Hope you enjoy the set, here the first update:

    01. Solarstone & Orkidea – Slowmotion IV (Extended Mix)
    02. Deep Fog feat. Justine Divina – The Night Sky (Original Mix)
    03. Costa, Sarah Lynn – The Water’s Edge (Extended Mix)
    04. Lucid Blue – Desert Rain (Frainbreeze Remix)
    05. Kyau & Albert feat. Adaja Black – Love Letter From The Future (Original Mix)

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    There it is, goes mostly automatically B-)

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    Excellent thank you :headbang:

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    Sounds like Claire

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      Thats right, Alex Shevchenko & Enfortro feat. Claire Willis – Spinning Wheels (Original Mix)

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    06. 4 Strings & Carol Lee – Emotions Away (Protoculture Remix)
    07. Alex Shevchenko & Enfortro feat. Claire Willis – Spinning Wheels (Original Mix)
    08. Patrick Dreama & Dj Xquizit feat. Osito – Ultraviolet (Original Mix)
    09. Andres Sanchez & Jules Porter Vs Sue Mclaren – Sands Of Time (Original Mix)
    10. Steve Allen feat. Linnea Schossow – This Moment (Original Mix)
    11. Stargazers, Emma Horan – Lead Me Home (Extended Mix)

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    Nice thanks for the tunes I’m headed to the gym but I’ll catch a replay of the whole show tomorrow with the DL link hopefully, have a good one!

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    Have a good workout at the gym, thanks for stopping by :bye:

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    12. Everlight feat. Emma Chatt – Stronger (A.R.D.I. Remix)
    13. Steve Allen – My Awakening (Original Mix)
    14. Ciaran Mcauley, Lisa Gerrard, Jeff Rona – A Thousand Roads (Extended Mix)
    15. Nicola Maddaloni, Crystal Blakk – A New Life’s Begun (Six Senses Extended Remix)
    16. Elles De Graaf – Daydreamer (Alan Morris Remix)

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    And last one, see you next month with a guestmix.


    17. Allen Watts – Break Without The Pain (Original Mix)
    18. Mark Sherry & Dark Fusion feat. Jan Johnston – Deja Vu (James Dymond Extended Remix)
    19. Mike Squillo – 8 Chambers (Original Mix)
    20. Moonnight & Elles De Graaf – Sunset Kindness (Myde Remix)

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    download set?

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